Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Chakra Persona

Occasionally I take personality test to see if I can learn anything new about myself!

Your result for The Chakra Test...

The Enlightened One

You have scored 100% Spirituality - Your dominant Chakra is the "Crown or Violet Chakra"

The "Crown or Violet Chakra" is where our spiritual and inspirational energy comes from. It is located at the top of the head. And this is the chakra most developed in you at this time.

You are wise for you age and are one with the world. You understand the world around you and are quite aware of your relationship to it and it to you.

Depending on your percentage score, there is always more room for development. When this chakra is under-active, one's thinking can be quite rigid and lacks a spiritual awareness. If over-active and out of balance with your other chakras, you may be prone to intellectualizing things too much. You can easily become addicted to spirituality and thus ignore your bodily and emotional needs.

What is most important is to find balance amongst all 7 chakras. Have a look at what percentages you scored on the others and work to increase their power and balance with each other.

Root Chakra: 94% Passion, Sacral(Spleen) Chakra: 53% Desire, Solar Plexus (Navel) Chakra: 94% Purpose, Heart Chakra: 89% Balance, Throat Chakra: 0% Expression, Third Eye Chakra: 65% Imagination and Crown Chakra: 100% Spirituality!

"Crown Chakra" Key Words: Knowingness, Wisdom, Inspiration, Awareness, Higher Self, Meditation, Self Sacrificing, Visionary

"Crown Chakra"Attributes: Color - Violet Sense - Beyond sensory Element - Space Seat - Liberation, All Power, Eternal Bliss

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ok ... I still have not found any pictures I would be willing to post on the blog. I am still having trouble showcasing my locks and taking a good picture. I have decided to have some pictures taking at JCP. Next weekend my son and I have sitting. I will get some shot with other together and some by myself. I will also buy the CD. Next month will be lock anniversary. I will try and put together a slide show. My lock look incredible. My consultant is doing a wonderful maintaining my locks. I the back is settled. The front hairline is still having problems. I will will also post my products and and my spritz recipes next time.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm back .... I will start trying to post every Sunday morning again. I have just been so busy that I have started to neglect some aspects of my life. On a more positive note my sister locks are doing great. I hope to post some updated pictures this week. If I can get some good front shots, I will post them.

Getting sister locks is turning into the best things I could have ever done for hair. I have problem areas but in general my hair is doing very well. It is growing to lengths I have not seen since my relaxer days. Sister Locks definitely fits my life style.

Exercise: I am still loving my rebounder. In fact I think it is the best exercise equipment I have ever purchased. For some reason I seem to want to learn Yoga; but it really doesn't fit my exercise style. I will try a couple more DVDs and call it a day. I am now starting to rent the DVDs from Netflix instead of wasting my money. I am an exercise DVD junky. I love Pilates and meditation, so I will shift my focus to these two areas. Also, there is some Yoga and Pilates mix DVD out there that I may give a try.

I am really thinking about doing laser hair removal this year. I just have to be very careful selecting a place. I hear horror stories about people scarring.

Later for now. My next post should include updated pictures.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fat Flush: Days Two to Four

Ok ... I have been lax in reporting my update for the Fat Flush diet. But there is not much to report. The recommended recipes seem bland to me. I’m from the South Carolina and we cook a little differently. My stomach has not been feeling great for the last couple of days. I am currently on day 5 and up until Monday I was constipated. You wouldn’t think this could happen with all the fiber I have been eating. I went to the forum for the diet and there advice was: With any diet you will probably experience constipation or diarrhea. It is recommended that you drink more water and take Magnesium Aspartate. Well my system seems to have worked its self out. I really do not want to do the second week. But I will see.

Also, if you purchase everything for the week 1 menu you will paying a lot for weekly meels for one person. I spent close to $200 in NY for the ingredients for the recipes for the first week. Most of which are not things I typically have around the house. Some of the items will last more than one week (seasonings, ground flax seed, and flax seed oil).

Wish me luck as try to decide if will continue next week.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fat Flush Diet: Day 1

Day one could have been worst ... Two weeks before I started this diet, I started to cut back on carbs (less bread, rice, and pasta). I also cut back on dairy and sweets. Last week I only consumed carbs during snack time. I have never had an addiction before, but the cravens for carbs and sugar almost had me foaming at the mouth. I didn't get headaches, but I was tired all the time. All of this led up to Saturday, August 8, 2009 when I started the diet:

Woke up and had my long life drink and my lemon water; Made an omelette; By 11:00 am I was craving something with a little substance. I had my mid day snack, 1/2 grapefruit. Now I cannot wait for lunch. Lunch rolled around, tried her recipe for stir fry. I was able to eat it but I will not be making it that way again. Still craving something else. I am not exactly hungry. I just know that I am missing something. Later on had my afternoon snack (more fruit and Cranberry water). Followed her suggestions for dinner. It was filling, I had as much salad as I wanted, but not satisfying. I will need to make adjustment to the recipes.

Bottom line:
I don't like cooking with citrus (lemon or lime). I don't particularly care for dill. I want to introduce a little more pepper, onion, and garlic into her recipes. These are items allowed but are rarely used together. Fruit snacks are not cutting it, I wish nuts were allowed. What I am missing is that full feeling you get after having a meal. I am also missing my deserts and comfort foods. Every thing is freshly made. This will not work for me. I do not cook breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every day. I typically cook two or three meats on the weekend and prepare my vegetables and sides during the week. She has one or two different meats a day. This is another adjustment I made to her week one menu. I also removed any ingredient that I don't like or could not be bought at the local grocery store. I substituted these ingredient with more of the allowed food ingredients.

Ok, Made it through day 1. Hopefully day 2 will be easier.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sisterlock Update - 7 Weeks

Ok ... I been so busy I have not had the opportunity to post lately. What I really should say is that I did not make the time to post.

My SLs are doing wonderful. They are entering into a new stage. Instead of sticking straight out from my head they have started to drop. When I first had them installed, they resembled a full curly afro. Now I have to decide where I want to put the part because the hair on top will not stand up. It's all good. I am still free styling my hair until my locks settle and I get a little more length.

The only issue I am having is with dry flaky scalp. I drink about 40 oz of water a day. I will increase my water intake to about 64 oz. I am scheduled to see a dermatologist next month to make sure it isn't something serious. Also, the hair around the hair line is fine and straight. It keeps slipping out of the pattern.

Final note: I started a new diet to help me loose fat from my trouble areas. It is called Fast FLush. I will try and post about the diet every day. The diet spans 14 days. Basically you make sure you drink a lot liquids, you remove carbs from your diet, eat more fruit and vegetable and consume a lot of flax seed. There is more to it then this (google "The Fat Flush Plan" by Ann Louise Gittleman and Barry Sears) but those where the highlights. I'm not looking to loose weight. I am just looking to get rid of the spare tire around my waist.

later for now ... check back to see my progress

Thursday, July 16, 2009

SL Progress Report - Month 1

My SLs are still looking lovely. I think this is the best thing I could have done for my hair. No comments from the black women at work. I work in the financial district in NY. Only one of the women with traditional locks noticed my hair and she thought it was cute. For the most part you cannot tell that I am locking my hair and most people think I have small braids. I don’t care. I like it and I love the freedom. I will try and take some pictures this weekend as I approach my 1 month anniversary.

Wow the first month went so fast. I had some slippage around the front hair line during the first two weeks. When I went in for my follow-up my consultant re-tightened the front and couple of rows in the back. I had enough growth for two turns (half rotation).

I am on weekly schedule for washing my hair. I am still using the Starter Shampoo and as soon as my consultant gives me the Ok I will definitely move back to baking soda and Dr. Bonner. I read some where that some people dilute the Starter Shampoo and apply it from a spray bottle. I am going to try this with my next wash. After using this shampoo I always feel like my scalp & hair is still dirty. Also, it leaves my scalp really dry. I have also notice that my hair is starting to loose its shine and look frizzier. I am wearing it in a free style for now because my curl pattern is still showing. My hair is light, fluffy and full of crinkles after washing.

My hair is holding up wonderfully during my work-out. As a matter of fact my hair is holding up better than I am. I am still loving my rebounder but I cannot seem to get a solid foot into the intermediate workout. I get half way through the workout and have to quit. When I become unstable and sloppy it is time to get off the trampoline. Next week I am going to start pushing myself harder.

Question for the readers: I workout mainly for health reasons (to remain youthful, reduce high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, and reduce stress). I do not have a weight problem, but I do have a problem area. I cannot get rid of my spare tire. My waist and my stomach are magnets for fat. What type of exercises do you do to reduce your love handles?